Getting help

If you need pointers to understand what Xenomai is all about, and how to find resources on this project, you may want to have a look at this read-me-first document intended to newcomers.

If you encounter an issue with Xenomai which is not covered by the dual kernel troubleshooting guide, or the single kernel troubleshooting guide depending on your configuration, then the best place to find help is the main e-mail discussion list of the Xenomai project.


Over the years, many issues have been discussed on the list, so you may first want to search the list archive using your favorite search engine for a solution to a similar/same problem.

You will have to subscribe to the Xenomai e-mail discussion list at this address before posting your question. The mailing list netiquette is given at this address.


In order to maximize your chances of receiving quick and accurate responses to your question on the mailing list, you may want to read and follow these advices.