Getting the Xenomai code

All the repositories the project maintains can be viewed at this address.

The current Xenomai development takes place into the xenomai-3 repository.

Users running Xenomai in dual kernel mode can find detailed information about the I-pipe development trees.

Xenomai-3 development tree

  • the master branch tracks the development HEAD toward the next major release (currently heading to 3.1). This branch is never rebased.
  • the next branch tracks the latest commits pending merge into the master branch, it contains the most bleeding edge work. This branch may be rebased until it gets merged into the master branch eventually.
  • stable-* branches track updates to stable releases, such as stable-3.0.x which is the maintenance branch for the v3.0 major release. Those branches are never rebased.

Download areas

We issue self-contained source code distributions of the Xenomai code base, both for the latest stable release, and the current testing release.