Mailing Lists

Main e-mail discussion list

You may register to this discussion list for getting help, reporting issues, suggesting ideas and sending patches.

The proper etiquette for posting to this list is as follows:

  • Please no top posting
  • Please wrap lines at 75 characters
  • Please no HTML, only plain text e-mails. Even the most hopeless MUAs have a switch to turn off HTML in message composition, please use it.
  • Please DO NOT SHOUT!!!!!! in e-mails, particularly when asking for help. This tends to make people awake and grumpy.
  • Please do not send screenshots when plain text pasted into your message would suffice.

The archive can be accessed at this URL.


Please do not send private e-mails to Xenomai maintainers for getting help, use the discussion list instead.

GIT e-mail notifications

Commit e-mail notifications are enabled for the GIT repositories we maintain, you may register to this mailing list for tracking progress of our development.