Missing documentation


First of all, should we switch from Doxygen to another documentation system?
  • files under /proc/xenomai/*
  • dealing with Xenomai/cobalt in a C++ context.
  • purpose of the RTIPC protocols, illustration with typical use cases.
  • safe IPC techniques between rt and non-rt threads.
  • update the documentation about how one can run Xenomai applications as non-root user, specifically the Copperplate settings.
  • how to set up a multi-process application.


When processes want to share objects, they need –enable-pshared, and belong to the same session with –session.
  • purpose of the CONFIG_XENO_DEBUG_* switches in Kconfig.
  • pthread_*_ex() routines available with lib/cobalt.
  • terminology of Xenomai (esp. Cobalt-related concepts).
  • purpose of the SCHED_WEAK, SCHED_QUOTA, SCHED_TP, SCHED_SPORADIC policies.
  • how to use UDD.
  • purpose and usage of

Pending Xenomai issues

  • UDD driver issue.
  • Check build of all serial, can, analogy drivers (e.g. kernel/drivers/serial/rt_imx_uart.c does not build).

Pending I-pipe bugs

  • Enabling CONFIG_MAXSMP w/ CONFIG_IPIPE breaks the kernel at boot on x86.

Code updates, improvements

  • Drop the Blackfin, powerpc64 ports in -next branch.
  • Docker support (i.e. use PID namespaces).
  • Valgrind support for the POSIX interface over Cobalt.