Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
can_bittimeCustom CAN bit-time definition
can_bittime_btrHardware-specific BTR bit-times
can_bittime_stdStandard bit-time parameters according to Bosch
can_filterFilter for reception of CAN messages
can_frameRaw CAN frame
rt_heap_infoStructure containing heap-information useful to users
rt_mutex_infoStructure containing mutex information useful to users
rt_task_infoStructure containing task-information useful to users
rt_task_mcbStructure used in passing messages between tasks
rt_timer_infoStructure containing timer-information useful to users
rtdm_dev_contextDevice context
rtdm_deviceRTDM device
rtdm_device_infoDevice information
rtdm_operationsDevice operations
rtser_configSerial device configuration
rtser_eventAdditional information about serial device events
rtser_statusSerial device status
sockaddr_canSocket address structure for the CAN address family
xnpodReal-time pod descriptor
xnschedScheduling information structure

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