Xenomai API  2.6.5
Device Profiles


 CAN Devices
 Real-time IPC protocols
 Profile Revision: 1

 Serial Devices
 Testing Devices

Data Structures

struct  rtdm_device_info
 Device information. More...


typedef struct rtdm_device_info rtdm_device_info_t
 Device information.


Device classes

#define RTDM_CLASS_CAN   3
#define RTDM_CLASS_RTMAC   5
#define RTDM_CLASS_RTIPC   7
#define RTDM_CLASS_MAX   255

Device Naming

Maximum length of device names (excluding the final null character)



Flags selecting buffers to be purged

#define RTDM_PURGE_RX_BUFFER   0x0001
#define RTDM_PURGE_TX_BUFFER   0x0002

Common IOCTLs

The following IOCTLs are common to all device profiles.

#define RTIOC_DEVICE_INFO   _IOR(RTIOC_TYPE_COMMON, 0x00, struct rtdm_device_info)
 Retrieve information about a device or socket. More...
#define RTIOC_PURGE   _IOW(RTIOC_TYPE_COMMON, 0x10, int)
 Purge internal device or socket buffers. More...

Detailed Description

Device profiles define which operation handlers a driver of a certain class has to implement, which name or protocol it has to register, which IOCTLs it has to provide, and further details. Sub-classes can be defined in order to extend a device profile with more hardware-specific functions.

Macro Definition Documentation

#define RTIOC_DEVICE_INFO   _IOR(RTIOC_TYPE_COMMON, 0x00, struct rtdm_device_info)

Retrieve information about a device or socket.

[out]argPointer to information buffer (struct rtdm_device_info)
#define RTIOC_PURGE   _IOW(RTIOC_TYPE_COMMON, 0x10, int)

Purge internal device or socket buffers.

[in]argPurge mask, see RTDM_PURGE_xxx_BUFFER