Xenomai API  2.6.5
Here is a list of all modules:
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oXenomai nucleus.
|oThread state flags.Bits reporting permanent or transient states of thread
|oThread information flags.Bits reporting events notified to the thread
|oBuffer descriptors.
|oDynamic memory allocation services.
|oInterrupt management.
|oLightweight key-to-object mapping service
|oReal-time pod services.
|oRegistry services.
|oReal-time scheduler services.
|oFile descriptors events multiplexing services.
|oReal-time shadow services.
|oThread synchronization services.
|oTime base services.
|oTimer services.
|\Virtual file services
oHAL.Generic Adeos-based hardware abstraction layer
oNative Xenomai API.
|oTask StatusDefines used to specify task state and/or mode
|oAlarm services.
|oBuffer services.
|oCondition variable services.
|oEvent flag group services.
|oMemory heap services.
|oInterrupt management services.
|oMutex services.
|oMessage pipe services.
|oMessage queue services.
|oCounting semaphore services.
|oTask management services.
|\Timer management services.
oReal-Time Driver Model
|oUser API
|oDriver Development API
||oInter-Driver API
||oDevice Registration Services
|||\Synchronisation Services
||oClock Services
||oTask Services
||oTimer Services
||oSynchronisation Services
||oInterrupt Management Services
||oNon-Real-Time Signalling Services
||\Utility Services
|\Device Profiles
| oCAN Devices
| oReal-time IPC protocolsProfile Revision: 1

| oSerial Devices
| \Testing Devices
oAnalogy API.
|oLibrary API.
||oLevel 1 API
|||oAsynchronous acquisition API
|||oDescriptor API
|||\Synchronous acquisition API
||oLevel 2 API
|||oAsynchronous acquisition API
|||oRange / conversion API
|||\Synchronous acquisition API
||\Level 0 API (Syscall API)
|| oDescriptor Syscall API
|| oBasic Syscall API
|| \Attach / detach Syscall API
|\Driver API.
| oChannels and ranges
| oDriver management services
| oSubdevice management services
| oBuffer management services
| oInterrupt management services
| \Misc services
\POSIX skin.Xenomai POSIX skin is an implementation of a small subset of the Single Unix specification over Xenomai generic RTOS core
 oClocks and timers services.Clocks and timers services
 oCondition variables services.Condition variables services
 oInterruptions management services.Interruptions management services
 oMessage queues services.Message queues services
 oMutex services.Mutex services
 oSemaphores services.Semaphores services
 oShared memory services.Shared memory services
 oSignals services.Signals management services
 oThreads management services.Threads management services
 |oThread cancellation.Thread cancellation
 |oThreads scheduling services.Thread scheduling services
 |\Thread creation attributes.Thread creation attributes
 \Thread-specific data.Thread-specific data