Xenomai API  2.6.5
#include <native/heap.h>
RT_HEAP heap_desc;
void *shared_mem; /* Start address of the shared memory segment */
/* A shared memory segment with Xenomai is implemented as a mappable
real-time heap object managed as a single memory block. In this
mode, the allocation routine always returns the start address of
the heap memory to all callers, and the free routine always leads
to a no-op. */
int main (int argc, char *argv[])
int err;
/* Bind to a shared heap which has been created elsewhere, either
in kernel or user-space. Here we cannot wait and the heap must
be available at once, since the caller is not a Xenomai-enabled
thread. The heap should have been created with the H_SHARED
mode set. */
err = rt_heap_bind(&heap_desc,"SomeShmName",TM_NONBLOCK);
if (err)
/* Get the address of the shared memory segment. The "size" and
"timeout" arguments are unused here. */
/* ... */
void cleanup (void)
/* We need to unbind explicitly from the heap in order to
properly release the underlying memory mapping. Exiting the
process unbinds all mappings automatically. */