Xenomai  3.0.8
calibration.c File Reference

Analogy for Linux, device, subdevice, etc. More...

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int a4l_read_calibration_file (char *name, struct a4l_calibration_data *data)
 Read the analogy generated calibration file. More...
int a4l_get_softcal_converter (struct a4l_polynomial *converter, int subd, int chan, int range, struct a4l_calibration_data *data)
 Get the polynomial that will be use for the software calibration. More...
int a4l_rawtodcal (a4l_chinfo_t *chan, double *dst, void *src, int cnt, struct a4l_polynomial *converter)
 Convert raw data (from the driver) to calibrated double units. More...
int a4l_dcaltoraw (a4l_chinfo_t *chan, void *dst, double *src, int cnt, struct a4l_polynomial *converter)
 Convert double values to raw calibrated data using polynomials. More...

Detailed Description

Analogy for Linux, device, subdevice, etc.

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