Xenomai  3.0.8

Structure containing device-information useful to users. More...

Data Fields

char board_name [A4L_NAMELEN]
 Board name. More...
char driver_name [A4L_NAMELEN]
 Driver name. More...
int nb_subd
 Subdevices count. More...
int idx_read_subd
 Input subdevice index. More...
int idx_write_subd
 Output subdevice index. More...
int fd
 File descriptor. More...
unsigned int magic
 Opaque field. More...
int sbsize
 Data buffer size. More...
void * sbdata
 Data buffer pointer. More...

Detailed Description

Structure containing device-information useful to users.

See also

Field Documentation

◆ board_name

char a4l_descriptor::board_name[A4L_NAMELEN]

Board name.

◆ driver_name

char a4l_descriptor::driver_name[A4L_NAMELEN]

Driver name.

◆ fd

◆ idx_read_subd

int a4l_descriptor::idx_read_subd

Input subdevice index.

◆ idx_write_subd

int a4l_descriptor::idx_write_subd

Output subdevice index.

◆ magic

unsigned int a4l_descriptor::magic

◆ nb_subd

int a4l_descriptor::nb_subd

Subdevices count.

◆ sbdata

void* a4l_descriptor::sbdata

Data buffer pointer.

◆ sbsize

int a4l_descriptor::sbsize

Data buffer size.

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