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rtdm_device Struct Reference

RTDM device. More...

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Data Fields

struct rtdm_driverdriver
 Device driver. More...
void * device_data
 Driver definable device data.
const char * label
 Device label template for composing the device name. More...
int minor
 Minor number of the device. More...
struct {
 Reserved area. More...

Detailed Description

RTDM device.

This descriptor describes a RTDM device instance. The structure holds runtime data, therefore it must reside in writable memory.

Field Documentation

◆ @11

struct { ... }

Reserved area.

◆ driver

struct rtdm_driver* rtdm_device::driver

Device driver.

Referenced by rtdm_dev_unregister(), and udd_get_device().

◆ label

const char* rtdm_device::label

Device label template for composing the device name.

A limited printf-like format string is assumed, with a provision for replacing the first d/i placeholder found in the string by the device minor number. It is up to the driver to actually mention this placeholder or not, depending on the naming convention for its devices. For named devices, the corresponding device node will automatically appear in the /dev/rtdm hierachy with hotplug-enabled device filesystems (DEVTMPFS).

◆ minor

int rtdm_device::minor

Minor number of the device.

If RTDM_FIXED_MINOR is present in the driver flags, the value stored in this field is used verbatim by rtdm_dev_register(). Otherwise, the RTDM core automatically assigns minor numbers to all devices managed by the driver referred to by driver, in order of registration, storing the resulting values into this field.

Device nodes created for named devices in the Linux /dev hierarchy are assigned this minor number.

The minor number of the current device handling an I/O request can be retreived by a call to rtdm_fd_minor().

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