Xenomai  3.0.8
xnsched Struct Reference

Scheduling information structure. More...

Data Fields

unsigned long status
unsigned long lflags
struct xnthread * curr
int cpu
cpumask_t resched
struct xnsched_rt rt
volatile unsigned inesting
struct xntimer htimer
struct xntimer rrbtimer

Detailed Description

Scheduling information structure.

Field Documentation

◆ cpu

int xnsched::cpu

Mask of CPUs needing rescheduling.

Referenced by xntimer_grab_hardware(), and xntimer_release_hardware().

◆ curr

struct xnthread* xnsched::curr

Owner CPU id.

◆ htimer

struct xntimer xnsched::htimer

Round-robin timer.

◆ inesting

volatile unsigned xnsched::inesting

Host timer.

◆ lflags

unsigned long xnsched::lflags

Current thread.

◆ resched

cpumask_t xnsched::resched

Context of built-in real-time class.

◆ rrbtimer

struct xntimer xnsched::rrbtimer

Root thread control block.

◆ rt

struct xnsched_rt xnsched::rt

Interrupt nesting level.

◆ status

unsigned long xnsched::status

< Scheduler specific status bitmask. Scheduler specific local flags bitmask.

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