Xenomai  3.0.8
xnvfile_lock_ops Struct Reference

Vfile locking operations. More...

Data Fields

int(* get )(struct xnvfile *vfile)
void(* put )(struct xnvfile *vfile)

Detailed Description

Vfile locking operations.

This structure describes the operations to be provided for implementing locking support on vfiles. They apply to both snapshot-driven and regular vfiles.

Field Documentation

◆ get

int(* xnvfile_lock_ops::get) (struct xnvfile *vfile)

This handler should grab the desired lock.

vfileA pointer to the virtual file which needs locking.
zero should be returned if the call succeeds. Otherwise, a negative error code can be returned; upon error, the current vfile operation is aborted, and the user-space caller is passed back the error value.

◆ put

void(* xnvfile_lock_ops::put) (struct xnvfile *vfile)

This handler should release the lock previously grabbed by the get() handler.

vfileA pointer to the virtual file which currently holds the lock to release.

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