Xenomai  3.0.8
xnvfile_snapshot_iterator Struct Reference

Snapshot-driven vfile iterator. More...

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Data Fields

int nrdata
 Number of collected records. More...
caddr_t databuf
 Address of record buffer. More...
struct seq_file * seq
 Backlink to the host sequential file supporting the vfile. More...
struct xnvfile_snapshotvfile
 Backlink to the vfile being read. More...
void(* endfn )(struct xnvfile_snapshot_iterator *it, void *buf)
 Buffer release handler. More...
char private [0]
 Start of private area. More...

Detailed Description

Snapshot-driven vfile iterator.

This structure defines an iterator over a snapshot-driven vfile.

Field Documentation

◆ databuf

caddr_t xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::databuf

Address of record buffer.

◆ endfn

void(* xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::endfn) (struct xnvfile_snapshot_iterator *it, void *buf)

Buffer release handler.

◆ nrdata

int xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::nrdata

Number of collected records.

◆ private

char xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::private[0]

Start of private area.

Use xnvfile_iterator_priv() to address it.

◆ seq

struct seq_file* xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::seq

Backlink to the host sequential file supporting the vfile.

◆ vfile

struct xnvfile_snapshot* xnvfile_snapshot_iterator::vfile

Backlink to the vfile being read.

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