[Xenomai] [patch] prepare_kernel.sh --board argument

Gregory Dymarek gregd72002 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 19:37:11 CEST 2014


>From ealier discussion - given the evolution pace of ARM platforms, it
seems we will always have -pre and -post patches, so it would make
sense to add this support to prepare-kernel.sh.

Included patch that adds support for --board parameter to the
prepare_kernel.sh script. This will cause prepare_kernel.sh to apply
automatically pre and post patches if available.

When --board is provided the script will look for optional board
patches in the folder that ipipe patch is and in $board subfolder if
It expects the patch name to be: {ipipe_base_name}-{board_name}-{pre,post}-*
Where {ipipe_base_name} is the ipipe name before the last '-'.

For ipipe-core-3.10.18-arm-1.patch and --board=raspberry it will look for:
- ipipe-core-3.10.18-arm-raspberry-{pre,post}-*.patch

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