[Xenomai] real-time support for CAN-USB devices

Mnatsakanyan, M. m.mnatsakanyan at tue.nl
Tue Apr 8 20:01:27 CEST 2014


I am repeating this post because I found out that I did not keep one of the rules
of mailing list etiquette. Sorry for that. Hopefully this was a reason that my 
question is not being answered. 

So here is my question:
In a Dutch research organization we develop a prototype of a real-time driver 
assistance system based on Xenomai. In non-RT version of this system we widely
use CAN-USB devices and would like to continue using them also in RT version, 
but we realized that CAN-USB devices are not supported by Xenomai.
To estimate the future development perspectives for our real-time prototype, 
we would like to know whether you envision the CAN-USB device support in near 


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