[Xenomai] arm imx6 and hardware FPU [SOLVED]

Paolo Minazzi Paolo.Minazzi at mitrol.it
Fri Apr 18 11:38:06 CEST 2014

Il 18/04/2014 11.00, Tom Evans ha scritto:
>> I'm sorry ... all works correctly, also with hardware floating point. It
>> was all my fault.
>> Paolo
> Please post the solution in case someone else has the same problem.
> Did you forget CONFIG_VFP in the kernel configuration, or is there 
> something different for i.MX6?
> The Kernel has to be told about the FPU so it can swap out all the FPU 
> registers during a context swap.
> We have a product with an FPU we configure without kernel support, and 
> then only compile ONE program with hardware FP as the FPU context 
> switch time would slow the device down otherwise.
> Tom Evans
The bug was is my test. All alarms was dummy.
In my first email to mailing list I wrote the important points of my 
configuration. Thay were correct.
There are no problem of reentrance of math function.
All compiled with a linaro toolchain hf (hardware floating).
Repeat, all was my buggy test.

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