[Xenomai] rtdm_mutex_init on forge

Matthias Schneider ma30002000 at yahoo.de
Sun Jun 1 13:56:43 CEST 2014

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> From: Philippe Gerum <rpm at xenomai.org>
> To: Matthias Schneider <ma30002000 at yahoo.de>; "xenomai at xenomai.org" <xenomai at xenomai.org>
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> Sent: Thursday, May 29, 2014 9:37 PM
> Subject: Re: [Xenomai] rtdm_mutex_init on forge
> On 05/29/2014 05:42 PM, Matthias Schneider wrote:
>>  Hi all,
>>  I have a question about rtdm_mutex_init in forge. BUG_ON is
>>  triggered each time I create an rtdm_mutex. This seems to be
>>  due to a check in xnsynch_init, while apparently some
>>  implementation is still missing in rtdm_mutex_init():
> Could you please give a try to this patch? It implements fast locking 
> for RTDM mutexes, which should fix the issue:
> http://git.xenomai.org/xenomai-forge.git/commit/?h=next&id=c00754093d283247695356d416608daab0979786
> TIA,
> -- 
> Philippe.
Again, thanks for the fix. It seems I am now possible to lock
and unlock an rtdm mutex without causing exceptions. However, 
I have not confirmed that it is actually guaranteeing mutual 
exclusivity - I suppose that this was already verified previously
by some kind of unit test.


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