[Xenomai] Missing patch for Zynq

Konstantin Schauwecker hi at konstantin-schauwecker.de
Sun Jun 15 00:34:04 CEST 2014

Hi all,

I was trying to get xenomai running on my zynq board. Unfortunately 
there seems to be a patch missing in the current 2.6.3 release. 
According to the installation instructions, I should apply patch


Unfortunately, that patch is nowhere to be found. There's a patch called 
ipipe-core-3.8.13-arm-3.patch, but that fails on several files.

Older versions of xenomai don't seem to support zynq, so I'm kind of 
stuck. I tried googling for that file, but it seems to be non-existent.

Does anybode have an idea where I could find it?


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