[Xenomai] Some Information About compilation Xenomai and RT Patches

Jean Rodriguez j.rodriguez at caustier.com
Tue Jun 17 17:00:19 CEST 2014

Hi guys,

I’m trying to compile kernel 3.8 with the last xenomai source.

I want to know some precisions about preempt option. 

Is it useless to patch the kernel with with Xenomai and also with RT patch
from kernel.org?

Because With RT patch I can choose on menuconfig  Preemption Model 5 choices
(No preempt, Voluntary and low latency , preemptible kernel or fully

But if I patch only with xenomai I have just 3 choices of preemptive (No
preempt, Voluntary and low latency)

If patch first with RT and after xenomai I have a lot of Hunk message
(warning and error) but if  I Patch first with xenomai and after RT -> no


So my question are they compatible together? Or perhaps choosing fully
preemptive will turn my system unstable.


My goal is to catch Interruption with a small latency (50-10 µs) with a low
processor charge

Board  Arbor card
=1&version=+Default> EmETX-i2900  with ATOM N450



Thanks for your future response



Kind regards,


Jean Rodriguez

Ingénieur R&D Informatique






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