[Xenomai] Kernel freezes in __ipipe_sync_stage

Marco Tessore marco.tessore at axelsw.it
Fri Jun 20 11:11:12 CEST 2014

Good morning,
I am a fairly new programmer to kernel code developement, and recently I 
deal with the development of applications and device drivers using the 
Linux / Ipipe / Xenomai platform;
I have a problem with a kernel installed on devices that we have in 
production, set up by another programmer.

Please allow me to describe the problem:
the problem is essentially that the kernel rarely, but often enough to 
be a problem,
seems to freeze at boot, and from what I have seen with a debugger 
hardware - specifically the Lauterbach T32 -
it seems that the stalemate is due to the ipipe code.

The kernel is version 2.6.31 for ARM architecture - specifically a 
Freescale iMX257, ARM926EJ-S - with Xenomai 2.5.6 and a not very recent 
ipipe patch, of which I did not know the version, i presume the one 
included in the xenomai archive.
The stalling seems to occur in the function __ ipipe_sync_stage, in 
kernel/ipipe/core.c, and can occur at various times during the system boot.

As an example, I describe the stack that I could observe during one of 
these stall conditions:

__ipipe_sync_stage  <-- loop

The problem seems to occur within the first call to the function 
__ipipe_sync_stage (as indicated by the arrow),
in particular it seems that we never match the exit condition of the 
innermost "while" loop:
((submask = p-> irqpend_lomask [level])! = 0).

It seems that after the reset of p->irqpend_lomask[level], during the 
execution of interrupt service routine, timer interrupt I think,
it seems that the flag, or some other flags in the variable returns set, 
and this seems to cause the lock.

Given that, although I had an idea of the general mechanisms that drive 
ipipe, I am not able to grasp the implementation details,
in particular I cannot state when and where that flags are set, I 
presume when hw interrupt occours.

I was wondering if you could give me an idea of what could cause 
stalling or if you had any suggestions on how to get out, making
advancing the kernel in a clean state.

Thank you in advance for any suggestions you could give me,
kind regards
Marco Tessore

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