[Xenomai] Some Information About compilation Xenomai and RT Patches

Stoidner, Christoph c.stoidner at arvero.de
Fri Jun 20 10:50:36 CEST 2014

Hi Jean,

I have merged successfully I-Pipe/Xenomai and Preempt RT patch for Kernel V3.10.18. From my point of view it is working very well. The only part which was a bit of tricky to solve was the kernel's spinlock implementation. This is since I-Pipe as well as Preempt-RT are patching this part of code each with own implementations. As result it is required to replace Preempt RT's default spinlock calls with new wrappers. Within the wrappers you have to decide if Preempt RT's spinlock or I-Pipe's spinlock have to be used at this place.

My pending problem which I hope to solve soon is the fast context switch extension (FCSE) that allows better latency times on ARM9. In "guaranteed" mode it crashs when using addresses above 32MB.

If you are interested in more details feel free to ask.


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Hi guys,

I’m trying to compile kernel 3.8 with the last xenomai source.

I want to know some precisions about preempt option.

Is it useless to patch the kernel with with Xenomai and also with RT patch
from kernel.org?

Because With RT patch I can choose on menuconfig  Preemption Model 5 choices
(No preempt, Voluntary and low latency , preemptible kernel or fully

But if I patch only with xenomai I have just 3 choices of preemptive (No
preempt, Voluntary and low latency)

If patch first with RT and after xenomai I have a lot of Hunk message
(warning and error) but if  I Patch first with xenomai and after RT -> no

So my question are they compatible together? Or perhaps choosing fully
preemptive will turn my system unstable.

My goal is to catch Interruption with a small latency (50-10 µs) with a low
processor charge

Board  Arbor card
=1&version=+Default> EmETX-i2900  with ATOM N450

Thanks for your future response

Kind regards,

Jean Rodriguez

Ingénieur R&D Informatique

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