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>>  On 06/02/2014 08:46 PM, Matthias Schneider wrote: 
>>>  Please find enclosed a new version of the FreeRTOS skin. It adapts to 
> the 
>>>  latest changes in forge/next and also removes the previously included 
>>>  workarounds - thanks to the changes done based on the first review 
> round 
>>>  they were no longer necessary. 
>>  Thanks. Here we go: 
>>  * vTaskStartScheduler() 
>>  Dropping the task_list lock then yielding is superfluous, the caller 
>>  will wait on the condvar for the scheduler state to switch to SUSPENDING 
>>  anyway, implicitly releasing this lock before going to sleep. 
> Done. 
>>  * vTaskDelay() 
>>  Cobalt wraps sched_yield(), so you likely want to call 
>>  __RT(sched_yield()) to pick the proper implementation depending on the 
>>  underlying real-time core. 
> Done. 
>>  * __xTaskGenericCreate() 
>>  - It looks like the mutex attribute initialized locally is a left over 
>>  from a previous implementation. 
>>  - Drawing unique identifier labels should be done using a name 
>>  generator, e.g. 
>>  static DEFINE_NAME_GENERATOR(task_namegen, struct freertos_task, name); 
>>  ... 
>>      generate_name(task->name, name, &task_namegen); 
>>  The open-coded method also used by other emulators is racy. 
> Done. 
> Note that some freertos specific code remains to make duplicated task names 
> unique.
>>  * vPortEnter/ExitCritical() 
>>  - wouldn't these calls better emulated by threadobj_lock_sched() 
>>  assuming they stand for a global serialization mechanism? 
> Unfortunately, this seems cause some test cases in the demo to fail. 
> Since these tests are rather time consuming to investigate, I would like 
> to leave this item open until all other issues have been addressed. We 
> had also talked about other options concerning this subject as well 
> (removing the function or leaving it empty), so I still need some 
> time to think about it. 
>>  * Task registry support 
>>  The code looks outdated, using fsobstacks is recommended. The registry 
>>  helpers in lib/alchemy/alarm.c illustrate a basic usage. 
> Done. 
>>  * vTaskSuspendAll() 
>>  Running check_processors() there may switch the caller to linux mode 
>>  at each invocation, due to calling sysconf/sched_getaffinity indirectly. 
>>  I would rather assume that the CPU affinity is not allowed to change 
>>  once started, and determine whether a task is bound to more than a 
>>  single CPU in the trampoline code. Then vTaskSuspendAll() may do a 
>>  simple flag-based test for checking the consistency, still allowing 
>>  different freertos tasks to be pinned on distinct CPUs though. At any 
>>  rate, this would be an acceptable restriction, since freertos does not 
>>  seem to be SMP-capable in its reference implementation anyway. 
> Ok, reading the affinity information once and caching it makes sense to 
> avoid the switches to secondary mode. However, vTaskSuspendAll() / 
> vTaskResumeAll() only works as expected when all tasks are pinned to a 
> single cpu, storing this information on a by-task basis will not be sufficient. 
> Now if there is one place to retrieve this information, which would it be? 
> I can think of freertos_init() / freertos_scheduler_init() or 
> vTaskStartScheduler(). However,  freertos_init() would probably not be 
> able to allow setting process cpu affinity programatically at the 
> beginning of main() if I am not mistaken. 
>>  Next time, I'll start reviewing other parts of the emulator. 
> Great, thanks in advance for all the input.. 
>>  HTH, 
>>  -- 
>>  Philippe. 

Please find enclosed a revised patch.

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