[Xenomai] Support of Beagleboard xm rev C on 3.14-ipipe

Arnaud Degroote arnaud.degroote at isae.fr
Mon Jun 30 17:18:36 CEST 2014

On 30/Jun - 14:37, Arnaud Degroote wrote:
> > Have you checked that the exact same kernel configuration, only
> > without CONFIG_IPIPE and CONFIG_XENOMAI runs correctly under load?
> The system seems to hang even without CONFIG_IPIPE. The linux-yocto
> kernel seems to work properly (it looks like a 3.14rc8), I will check
> precisely against linux kernel v3.14.

Some additional information

linux mainstream kernel on tag v3.14 runs fine on the platform.  The
system hangs with ipipe branch ipipe-3.14 (without xenomai stuff, and
without CONFIG_IPIPE). 
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