[Xenomai] [Announce] Xenomai 2.6.4

Gilles Chanteperdrix gilles.chanteperdrix at xenomai.org
Thu Sep 25 13:13:39 CEST 2014


I have just made available Xenomai 2.6.4 at the usual address:

This release mainly fixes bugs, and do not add many new functionalities, 
I guess because we are busy preparing xenomai 3.0:
- support for I-pipe patch for 3.14 with a performance improvement on 
ARM Cortex A9, and support for the OMAP L138 processor;
- disabling of C1E state on recent Intel processors
- support for powerpc SPE
- various improvements of the Debian packaging, notably support for the 
armhf architecture and addition of a debug package
- clarification of the licenses, now every source file should have a 
license header
- removal of the docbook documentation, as this documentation is now 
available on the website

Thanks for all contributions.

The shotlog follows:
Alexandre Coffignal (1):
      rtcan_flexcan: fix devtype_data initialization

Christophe Blaess (1):
      tests/cyclictest: add histogram option

Erhart Robert (CC-DA/ESR3) (1):
      analogy: fix fault in proc read callback

Gilles Chanteperdrix (32):
      doc: fix asciidoc documentation cross-references
      doc: regenerate
      license: provide for missing headers
      licenses: jumbo update
      hal/arm: avoid using VFP instructions on SOCs without VFP
      skins/posix: make hardcoded constants configurable
      arm/hal: fix compilation with old kernels
      drivers/flexcan: avoid unaligned access
      debian: add pkg-config files to libxenomai-dev package
      skins/psos+: align message queues buffers
      tests: fix typo supress -> suppress
      nucleus/synch: fix rescnt imbalance on slow mutexes
      hal/arm: adapt context switch to Linux 3.11+
      debian: do not remove/regenerate configure file
      debian: add support for powerpcspe
      hal/arm: open code xnarch_atomic_clear_mask
      posix: fix 2.4 config file
      hal/x86: add C1E state workaround
      README.INSTALL: fix ARM instructions
      doc/install: ixp4xx has a kuser tsc now
      ksrc: use curr as name for current thread variable
      ksrc: fix dereference of dangling pointer
      analogy: fix undefined referencces
      arm: fix compilation issue with --enable-debug
      doc: remove docbook documentation
      vfile/snapshot: avoid starvation by spinning 1us after every iteration
      xnlock: add missing barriers
      hal/arm: update Freescale Linux fork patch
      hal: upgrade I-pipe patches
      build: bump version number and bootstrap
      doc: regenerate

Henri Roosen (1):
      wrappers/arm: map I/O ranges without cache

Jan Kiszka (2):
      x86: Remove bogus test for x86-32 around xsave assembly
      posix: Flush print buffer on fclose

Lars Steubesand (1):
      rtipc/iddp: fix inverted arguments to __iddp_alloc_mbuf()

Paul Corner (6):
      Use devices target to install udev rules in libxenomai1 package. This also installs device nodes in /dev for systems not running udev.
      debian: Include /dev in the list of directories for libxenomai1
      debian: add armhf architecture
      Trivial spelling correction for the word 'implicitly'
      debian: Add debug packages for library and runtime.
      build: Minor fix for missing variable reference.

Paul Janzen (1):
      hal/x86: Export symbol rthal_c1e_disable

Philippe Gerum (19):
      powerpc: sanitize SPE handling
      posix, vrtx: catch unexpected sync errors with thread trampoline
      psos: fix auto-cleanup support
      psos/rn: fix bad interrupt state during cleanup
      native: fix interrupt state corruption in auto-cleanup
      vxworks: fix interrupt state corruption in auto-cleanup
      asm-generic/wrappers: assume generic hardirq supported for v3.12+
      nucleus/seqlock: fix seqlock initializer
      hal/powerpc: fixup fpu save/restore helpers for v3.12+
      hal/x86: fixup reference to fpu info for v3.13+
      native/task: silence UMR warning
      hal/x86: fix wrong conditional
      asm-generic/wrappers: fix wrong conditional
      analogy/device: sanitize device release handler
      nucleus/thread: fix leakage of XNKICKED status
      rtipc/xddp: fixup XDDP documentation
      rtdm: fix mapping address translation for MMU-less platforms
      rtipc: fix address reset in connect()
      rtipc: fix error code for send through non-connected socket

Romain Naour (2):
      arm: enable armv5tej support
      posix: fix build failure when HAVE_OPEN64 is undefined.

Stefan Roese (1):
      hal/arm: Add Zynq v3.5.7 patches

Wolfgang Grandegger (1):
      rtcan: add missing license terms


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