[Xenomai] delayed or discarded ethernet packets

Julio Cesar Aguilar Zerpa aguilar at goetting.de
Tue Dec 1 15:49:55 CET 2015

Hello there,

I am using xenomai 2.6.1.
I installed the driver of a 3D camera which transmit its data via 
ethernet (UDP).

The transmission is being delayed (or packages are getting discarded) by 
xenomai (probably, since the problem does not appear with
a normal linux kernel).

     - There seems to be a way of "pipelining" the data from the camera 
to a real time thread or
       to create a real time shared memory heap where the data is 
delivered by the camera (as a 'producer') and gotten by a 'consumer'.
     - What about increasing the priority of the ethernet interface to 
that of a real time IO thread (or similar)?

     - Are these two options even correct?  Are there other alternatives?
       Could you provide some example code of  the 'producer' and 
       Do I need to write my own camera driver and include this 
'pipelining' or 'heap'?
     - Is there a way to increase the priority of an ethernet interface 
in xenomai?

Thank you and best regards,
Julio Aguilar

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