[Xenomai] Linking static libraries using wrap-link.sh script

Umair Ali ali.umair at tut.fi
Mon Dec 7 12:06:29 CET 2015

Hello there,

I have read that if you want to create a POSIX application by compiling it with Xenomai POSIX skin then the script "wrap-link.sh" is used. Do i have understand it correctly  or it means that if you want to use static library (compiled for POSIX skin) with Xenomai POSIX application then in order to link that static library with real time application "wrap-link.sh" script should be used. I am little confused. Please make it clear.
Moreover I want to use the static libpcap which is compiled for the POSIX skin to make an application on Xenomai POSIX skin to read pcap files. If i use the the static libpcap file to read to pcap files along with mlockall,, can reading of pcap file will switch to secondary mode with this library.   The slackspot output file is attached for reference.

I am very grateful for the xenomai team and especially Gilles for helping me and answering my stupid and redundant questions.

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