[Xenomai] Question on linux+xenomai

Guoquan Hu flyingfox_hu at 163.com
Mon Dec 14 09:52:11 CET 2015

Hi, Xenomai maintainers,
I am a Xenomai user from china, my environment is: linux(2.6.32)+xenomai(2.5.4). I meet several problems on my debug environment, and I want to ask for advice to some
 questions about xenomei, would you please give some respond? My questions:
1.When CPU is high working load (near 100%) or nearly no memory left, the real time thread is killed. What is the mechanism behind and how to avoid it?

2.Under this environment, if OS is kernel crashed or real time communication(e.g
 Pipe or MsgQueue) is blocked, how to debug or trace? Any system log indicate such kinds of things happened?  Any kernel dump mechanism is available for offline
3.Whether “Disk is set to read-only” related to real time thread usage? For example, if we use real time thread to write files on disk with high data rate, whether it
 would cause system unstable or “disk read-only”? 
4.If we want to get technical support or consultant service, any company or person can provide such service?Thank!

Best Regards
Guoquan Hu

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