[Xenomai] userspace absolute timer value

Steven Seeger steven.seeger at nasa.gov
Tue Dec 15 02:19:14 CET 2015

Since my last post I seem to have solved the issues with my ppc44x board hard 
locking up. I've relayed this info to Philippe and hopefully he will confirm 
that I'm correct and that I should make a patch. However in the process, I've 
stopped seeing the latency -t1 and latency -t2 work correctly.

One thing I do notice now with latency -t0 is that the timerfd_handler in 
/proc/xenomai/timer/coreclk shows a tremendous number of seconds (1bil+) and 
you can keep printing the output and watching it count down a second at a 
time. This means there may be some kind of discrepancy between the 
CLOCK_MONOTONIC and the timer that's used to program shots.

I did look at the ticks for the coreclock and it appears to be 400 ticks per 
microsecond which is what the cobalt core is reporting via 
xnclock_ns_to_ticks() (I pass it 1000 ns and get 400 as a result)

Can anyone point me in the direction of where to look for this issue?


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