[Xenomai] Possible sync problem with timerfd and application

Umair Ali ali.umair at tut.fi
Thu Dec 17 15:07:20 CET 2015

Hello there,

I am using the timerfd to produce the required sleep function for sending the raw ethernet packets using rtnet driver periodically. I read the file using the mmap() function and mlockall(MCL_CURRENT|MCL_FUTURE). My code is attached with this email. Gilles have already explained me with the jitter problem with timerfd but it is acceptable so far with me. Now the problem is that the code runs ok for more or less 30 secs. For this period of running of code the jitter is acceptable. But after some time the jitter increases very much and causes  problem. I thought that this may be because the timerfd has lost the synchronization with application. Or timerfd is not working fine. I tried to use the poll() and epoll() also but the problem persist.  Can you guide me how i can find the problem when running the application or do you need more information regarding this problem. Please feel free to ask for more.

Thanks and BR

P.S The size of readig file is 600MB
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