[Xenomai] Cobalt with RT_PREEMPT kernel usefull?

Rolf Wöhrmann info at temporubato.com
Fri Apr 1 16:46:24 CEST 2016


I’m running successfully Xenomai (3.0.x branch) on a BeagleBone Black in Cobalt setup with ipipe 4.1.18 arm 3 patch built on a vanilla 4.1.18 kernel with debootstrapped Debian jessie rootfs.
Also I got mercury with 4.1.20 RT_PREEMPT patched kernel running.

My (maybe stupid) question is if there’s any use in having the cobalt kernel also RT_PREEMPT patched?

I haven’t tried so far since I haven’t found a RT kernel patch for 4.1.18 and getting it together with the ipipe 4.1.18 patch might be some nice work. So, if there’s no use, then why bother.

Great thanks for any feedback

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