[Xenomai] Xenomai 3 on BBB or Raspi

Andrew Eliasz andrew.eliasz at gmail.com
Sat Apr 2 17:03:20 CEST 2016

Apologies for taking up your valuable time.
I have been able to get Xenomai 2 running on a Beagle Bone Black ...
I have not been able to find any detailed instructions for getting Xenomai
3 to run on either a Beagle Bone Black or a Raspberry Pi.
Has anyone, to your knowledge, been able to do this successfully please ?
If not is there some other reference board for which Xenomai 3 build and
install details are available so that I can carefully work through the
steps involved and at least master those before attempting to get Xenomai 3
to run on either a RaspberryPi or a Beagle Bone Black.
Many thanks

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