[Xenomai] Mixing Posix RT APIs and vxWorks APIs

Alex Plits alex_plits at radwin.com
Mon Apr 4 15:42:11 CEST 2016


We are currently porting some of our vxWorks  xenomai (copperplate) APIs we use in our application to
Posix (cobalt I guess). We have started with the VxWorks "tasks" but it seems that we're getting strange behavior on
The remaining VxWorks APIs when used from the POSIX generated tasks (threads is the right word in posix) e.g. MsqQRecv function gets segfault but when it is used From a VxWorks generated task it works fine.
I understand from the comments in code it should work but I was wondering if there are known issues.

We are using currently xenomai 3 rc-6 (I saw there were fixes in xenomai 3.0.2).

Thanks in advance,
Alex Plits.

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