[Xenomai] Fwd: rt,Heap segfault with unittest

Benjamin ROUZAUD brouzaud at numalliance.com
Thu Dec 1 16:21:07 CET 2016


We made a new 32 bits system with xeno v3.0.3 .
first question, do we need to switch to git/next branch or keep it ?

During the execution of program using the library xenomai, we met a
problem about allocation memory between two process. Indeed, with a same
session, one program create the differents areas of memories but the
next try and fail. We create a unittest case that reproduces the bug between the
two process. But , since the problem has happened "randomly", depending on running context, we hope you will be able to
reproduce it.

Xenomai is configure with this flags :  --enable-smp, --enable-pshared
--enable-dlopen-libs --enable-tls

You will found the differents files at google drive (cf https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/0B7MmKH2j6iMYWjJfTzVOcFVTRDQ?usp=sharing).
You will find  modification of /alchemy/heap.c file trying to
search for the error at processing time. (cf enclosed heap.txt file)

You will find too the two tests programs with a makefile in enclosed heaptest.tar.gz file. The process B
create differents allocation areas and pauses.

projetB --session=t

the process C tries to create or link differents allocation areas but it crashes with segfault after many

projetC --session=t

B. Rouzaud
R&D Numalliance

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