[Xenomai] porting xenomai2 modules to xenomai3

Michael Wisse mwisse at hs-harz.de
Fri Dec 2 12:38:55 CET 2016


I try to get compiled some xemomai2 kernel modules with native-api to xenomai3 alchemy.
I have build a single kernel xenomai configuration (mercury) with a centos 3.10.0 kernel.

The Makefile from xenomai2 does not work anymore. The Makefiles from xenomai3 demo directory are very complex. Can I use therm for compiling an own module?

The most important question is, will this generally work, alchemy kernel modules with xenomai mercury? 
My modules work with pipes and the alchemy/pipe.h includes a pipe.h from cobalt/uapi/kernel, so I am afraid not.   
What can I do with manageable effort?
Thanks for support and regards

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