[Xenomai] FAILURE rt_thread_body:116: no SIGDEBUG_MIGRATE_PRIOINV received on ARM

Philippe Gerum rpm at xenomai.org
Sat Dec 3 18:08:12 CET 2016

On 12/02/2016 05:52 PM, Giulio Moro wrote:
> Hello,
> freshly installed Cobalt 3.0.3 on a BeagleBone Black (ARM Cortex-A8) with kernel 4.4.35 (rcn: 
> https://github.com/RobertCNelson/ti-linux-kernel-dev/tree/ti-linux-xenomai-4.4.y ).
> When runnig xeno-test I get the below error.
> Note that latency test works ok (though the values are a bit higher than expected).

Then maybe it does not work as expected. Could you elaborate on:

- the figures reported by latency
- whether you enabled debug (--enable-debug) when building the user libs
and programs?
- did you run the autotuner to calibrate the core clock?

You may also want to make sure that debug options like
XENO_OPT_DEBUG_LOCKING are disabled, vanilla kernel debug options
likewise (DEBUG_LIST, IPIPE_TRACE and so on).

> Any suggestions?
> FAILURE rt_thread_body:116: no SIGDEBUG_MIGRATE_PRIOINV received

That one is a known pending issues with the smoke tests exercising the
some Xenomai debug features, but won't affect the measurement performed
by the "latency" program.


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