[Xenomai] Long time system slow down on imx6

Johann Obermayr johann.obermayr at sigmatek.at
Mon Dec 12 11:16:33 CET 2016

Am 09.12.2016 um 23:42 schrieb Marco:
>     We are notice a very strange problem on a imx6 with kernel
>     Linux3.0.35-4.1.0 + xenomai_2.6.4. After machine runs for 8 - 10 hours
>     we found the system blocked in may different ways (user interface
>     tcp/ip interface ecc..)
>     Â
>     We check into /proc/timer_list and we found the next event was
>     scheduled in the past.
>     Â
>     We found some items about timer blocked but all the patches indicated
>     was already applied.
>     Â
>     Maybe someone have seen a similar problem ?
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i don't known if it is the same problem.
But we search a lost wakeup problem with "select" and a short timeout. (1ms)


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