[Xenomai] [PATCH] boilerplate: do not call xenomai_init 2 times

Ronny Meeus ronny.meeus at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 12:47:22 CET 2016

bootstrap.o is linked to the application code.
In case the execution of the static constructors is postponed
in the applicaion and the auto-init feature is used, the
xenomai_init is called 2 times:
- once in the path of the wrap_main
- later in the context of the static constructor

A check is already in place to not call xenomain_init when it
is called from __real_main. This patch adds a check in the
static constructor to skip it in case the __real_main already
did the init.

diff --git a/lib/boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c b/lib/boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c
--- a/lib/boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c
+++ b/lib/boilerplate/init/bootstrap.c
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@ static int early_argc;
 static char *const *early_argv;
+static int xenomai_init_done;
 const int xenomai_auto_bootstrap = 1;
 int __real_main(int argc, char *const argv[]);
@@ -37,8 +39,9 @@ int xenomai_main(int argc, char *const a
 	if (early_argc)
 		return __real_main(early_argc, early_argv);
 	xenomai_init(&argc, &argv);
+	xenomai_init_done = 1;
 	return __real_main(argc, argv);
@@ -49,6 +52,9 @@ int xenomai_main(int argc, char *const a
 	ssize_t len, ret;
 	int fd, n, argc;
+	if (xenomai_init_done)
+		return;
 	len = 1024;
 	for (;;) {

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