[Xenomai] Xenomai latency test hang

Raimarius Delgado raim223 at seoultech.ac.kr
Fri Oct 7 02:52:03 CEST 2016

On 2016-10-06 오후 10:45, Henning Schild wrote:
> The problem is caused by the Intel SMAP feature of your CPU. It is
> fixed - at least partially - in Xenomai 3. For further details read the
> Mailing list archive, this topic was just discussed.
> A quick solution to your current problem is disabling CONFIG_X86_SMAP
> in your kernel config or booting the kernel with "nosmap"
> Henning
> Am Thu, 6 Oct 2016 21:06:26 +0900
> schrieb Raimarius Delgado <raim223 at seoultech.ac.kr>:
>> Hi,
>> I have installed Xenomai 2.6.4 alongside Linux 3.14.17, 3.14.39, and
>> 3.14.44 on Ubuntu 14.04. I encountered a problem when I try to run
>> the latency test, the system hangs with no output if run in user
>> space and abruptly ends (killed) if run in kernel space.
>> I've seen a similar thread in:
>> http://www.xenomai.org/pipermail/xenomai/2015-July/034658.html but
>> there was no solution offered to this problem. All the kernel version
>> sub-levels demonstrated the same results.
>> I am working on an Intel Core i7 6700 (Skylake) on a Gigabyte
>> GA-B150M-HD3. I am attaching the kernel log files and configurations
>> for 3.14.39 and 3.14.44. I have used ipipe-core-3.14.17-x86-6,
>> ipipe-core-3.14.39-x86-9, and ipipe-core-3.14.44-x86-12, respectively.
>> Hope somebody could help me. Thanks in advance.
Thank you that really solved the problem. I got tunnel visioned by the 
Xenomai version and was not able to consider reading similar problems on 
the cobalt core. I will be more productive by reading the mailing list 
archive and try to help the community.
Again ,Thank you very much.

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