[Xenomai] Xenomai Digest, Vol 68, Issue 14

JackLee jacklee11 at foxmail.com
Thu Dec 14 02:56:04 CET 2017

>> PPC64 is a non-trivial port to maintain (mostly regarding the
>> interrupt pipeline). However, the Xenomai user base for this
>> architecture has always been very small, not to say marginal.
>> As part of the ongoing effort to fit the project to the resources, I
>> would suggest to drop support for the PowerPC64 architecture, in the
>> same terms than it just happened with Blackfin, i.e.
>> - The I-pipe support for the ppc64 architecture would not be
>> maintained beyond kernel 4.9.51 (LTS).
>> - ppc64 support would be marked as deprecated in the next releases of
>> the Xenomai 3.0.x series, then no more maintained from that point (not
>> even build tested). This code would be fully removed from the -next
>> branch leading to Xenomai 3.1.
>> Please send any feedback before Jan 15, 2018.
> No objections from my side.
> Henning
>> Thanks,
I think you can build some developer boards based on x86 and arm, especailly
tune the realtime drivers well, e.g. rtnet, rtcan. This can make some 
I can contact factories in China and help you deliver them.

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