[Xenomai] RTnet fixes - testers needed

Leopold Palomo-Avellaneda leo at alaxarxa.net
Fri Dec 15 11:46:11 CET 2017


On 06/12/17 18:37, Philippe Gerum wrote:

> If you depend on RTnet and want to help with testing, you may want to
> give this branch a try. Any help with reviewing the changes would be
> beneficial to the project too.

I have tested this branch in two x86 boards: one modern i7 witn PCIe 3x, etc,
and another Dual-core. Both systems where tested with the same kernel:

- 4.9.51 patched
- based in Debian stretch

Mainly I tested the RTNet drivers, for the cards that I have: intel based e1000,
e1000e, eepro100, igb, and r8168, and PCIe and PCI cards.

I haver also some 3Com but I have not tested because they are quite old.

The results are frustrating ...

1) in the modern board, the integrated NIC Intel I219-LM was not detected by the
rt driver.

2) in both boards, none of the PCI cards worked: neither Intel or Realtek.

3) the PCIe cards from intel worked (e1000e and igb) in both mobos

4) in the modern PC, the r8168 was loaded and created the rtethX interface, but
it was not operational (hangs the program). In the old PC do nothing.

5) in the old PC (only tested there) the r8168 doesn't detect the
RTL8111/8168/8411 PCIe cards although they are PCIe

I guess that there's something in the kernel config or somewhere in 3.x that
affects the PCI cards. In 2.6.x worked.

Also, seeing the elephant, it's not obvious (at least for me) how to create or
upgrade a network driver to work with Xenomai. So, some tutorial would help.

Best regards,


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