[Xenomai] RTnet fixes - testers needed

Andreas Glatz andi.glatz at gmail.com
Tue Dec 19 11:46:40 CET 2017

>>> I have pulled wip/rtnet-fixes branch with the last commit of Philippe from Sun
>>> Dec 17 15:27:04 2017 +0100: net/udp: ioctl: fix temp arg buffer type
>>> I have created the packages and new kernel with the same configuration that I had.
>>> I run my application, that it's a POSIX application Wrapped and I still have the
>>> same error when I activate SMAP:
>> I see that the page fault occurs in rt_packet_ioctl()... by the looks
>> of this bug it might be similar to the one I found in udp.c (see my
>> post from Sunday)... basically the ioctl still tries to access user
>> memory, which causes that stack trace. I'm currently a bit busy - I
>> hope I can continue debugging this by the end of this week.
> I should be able to squeeze this debug task in the coming 48 hours, I
> have your latest patched queued already. Let me know if you want to keep
> on addressing this issue, otherwise I'll tackle this stuff.

I think you'll be at it before me then :) I already made some more
progress in the UDP case. I can send you my latest patch tonight. I'm
also happy to keep testing + fixing when I find time for it! I can use
the RTnet UDP app from the company that I ported from kernel 3.0 to
4.9 to test the RTnet UDP stack.



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