[Xenomai] Does it make sense to patch with both Xenomai and PREEMPT_RT?

Marcel Van Mierlo Marcel.VanMierlo at marel.com
Wed Feb 15 17:42:38 CET 2017


Is it possible to patch a Kernel (3.18.5) with both CONFIG_PREEMPT_RT and Xenomai (3.0.2 Cobalt)? Does this make sense, or does the Xenomai patch introduce RT preemption anyway?

We have a real-time pSOS application currently running under a Xenomai patched Kernel  (Kernel 3.18.5, Xenomai 3.0.2 Cobalt), and would like to use this environment to run an application which currently runs under a Kernel (3.14.48) which is patched with PREEMPT_RT.



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