[Xenomai] arm64 support

Jorge Ramirez jro at xenomai.org
Wed Jan 4 17:58:00 CET 2017

On 01/04/2017 05:20 PM, Jorge Ramirez wrote:
> On 01/04/2017 04:03 PM, Jerry Huang wrote:
>> Hi, all guys,
>> I am planning to run xenomai with Cobalt mode on armv8 platform with 
>> arm64 (A53/A72).
>> However, I don't find the context of arm64 in xenomai-3. Who can give 
>> me some comment how to get these information?
>> Best Regards
>> Jerry Huang
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> do check the mailing list archives for previous discussions.
> also:
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> http://www.96boards.org/blog/servo-motor-control/


I just noticed that you are an NXP engineer and therefore a Linaro 
member (see http://www.linaro.org/company/nxp/. with  Linaro being my 
current employer).
Maybe you could consider - if Xenomai is in your roadmap - raising the 
need for Xenomai support during the Technical Steering Committee meeting?

That would provide the Xenomai project with some extra hands.


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