[Xenomai] arm64 support

Jorge Ramirez jro at xenomai.org
Thu Jan 12 14:04:06 CET 2017

On 01/12/2017 01:03 PM, Philippe Gerum wrote:
> On 01/12/2017 11:24 AM, Jerry Huang wrote:
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>>> On 01/05/2017 11:39 AM, Jerry Huang wrote:
>>>> Thanks a lot.
>>>> I sent the request t subscribe this mail list, I don't know if the approval is
>>> needed for this request.
>>>> >From the below links, they are about the 96boards.
>>>> I found one boards DragonBoard410c is based on ARM Contxt-A53, but I
>>> didn't find if it is  running ARM32 or ARM64.
>>>> Could you please point out where can I find these information?
>>>> Best Regards
>>>> Jerry Huang
>>> yes, both boards (HiKey and dragon410c) run in 64 bit mode.
>>> We also demoed Android 64bit running Xenomai on the HiKey back at ELC-A
>>> 2016 to control motors.
>>> I think I wrote a simple post entry in the 96boards forum [1] about it.
>>> please remember to not top-post when writing to the mailing list.
>>> [1] http://www.96boards.org/forums/
>> I got the Ipipe patch "ipipe-core-4.1.18-arm64-6.patch" from xenomai website and ported it to Linux-4.1.35 with a little modification (for kernel/trace/ring_buffer.c file).
>> But when I boot the Linux, I got the kernel panic as below shows, which was caused by function "irqs_disabled", who can give more comment how to fix it?
> All arm64 patches present in the DL area are broken, some critical
> changes are missing due to a bug in some obscure code extraction script
> for this architecture, do not use them.
> Please pull the code from the I-pipe git tree instead (branch ipipe-4.1.y).

also, what hardware are you running and what is the extent of your 

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