[Xenomai] Looking for help regarding implementing shared memory

이석훈 koon at rainbow.re.kr
Sun Jan 22 05:12:55 CET 2017

Hi All,

I'm new to Xenomai and RT in general. I have some trouble using rtheap

Xenomai version I'm using is 3.0.2 (no ipipe patch), with linux kernel
4.1.18, I'm using Cobalt mode, and using native skin when building.

I'm trying to use shared memory and it is not working.

On program A, I call
int err;
    rt_printf("heap create start\n");

    err = rt_heap_create(&heap_desc, "SHM001", 1024, H_SINGLE | H_NONCACHED
    if(err<0) rt_printf("create_error = %d\n", err);

    rt_heap_bind(&heap_desc, "SHM001", TM_INFINITE);

    err = rt_heap_alloc(&heap_desc, 0, TM_INFINITE, &shm_area);
    if(err<0) rt_printf("alloc error = %d\n", err);
    rt_printf("rt_heap_alloc got : %x\n", shm_area);
    char myString[10] = "test\0";

    memcpy(shm_area, myString, 5);

    rt_printf("heap create end\n");

and this works fine, on program B, I call
    RT_HEAP desc;
    void *shm;

    int err;

    rt_printf("heap create start\n");
    err = rt_heap_bind(&desc, "SHM001", TM_INFINITE);

    if(err) rt_printf("failed: %d\n", err);

    err = rt_heap_alloc(&desc, 0, TM_INFINITE, &shm);
    if(err) rt_printf("alloc failed: %d\n", err);

    rt_printf("heap create end\n");
    rt_printf("content:: %s\n", shm);

and rt_heap_bind would not go. When I try this using TM_NONBLOCK, it
returns -11 and it looks like program B cannot find the symbol "SHM001"

Could you help me with this? I think there should be anything I'm missing
and I cannot find any logs from kern.log or syslog which I can use.

Thank you very much.

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