[Xenomai] Migrating 2.x projects to 3.x...

Jim Langston jim.langston at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 16:02:54 CEST 2017


I have been attempting to port over a project building using a quite old
version of Xenomai (2.4.10 on kernel to 3.x on kernel 4.1.18.

I have read through the Migration guide, and have made the following
changes based on what I saw needed changing:

- Removed all references to 'native/intr.h', since that doesn't exist any
- 'T_PRIMARY' flag for 'rt_task_set_mode()' doesn't exist, so replace with
- In the makefiles, pass '--native --compat' to 'xeno-config'

This seems to make everything build and link with a minimum of fuss, no
undefined items, link errors, etc.

Unfortunately, for my applications that connect to drivers, I get the

*front_panel.c:144:10: warning: implicit declaration of function
‘rt_dev_ioctl’ [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]*
I get this for basically all functions starting with 'rt_dev_'.  There is a
mention of it in the Migration Guide.

So my question is:  Do I need to manually replace all calls to 'rt_dev_'
with 'rt_' calls, or is my compatibility library not being linked in


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