[Xenomai] CPU time limit exceeded (core dumped)

Giulio Moro g.moro at qmul.ac.uk
Tue Jun 27 16:30:10 CEST 2017

Your task is sent a SIGXCPU/SIGDEBUG signal when it does not sleep for more than a given amount of time (I think default is 4 seconds).
Make sure your task sleeps (e.g.: rt_task_suspend(), rt_task_sleep() or wait on an interrupt) as soon as it is done processing.

Alternatively, you may have T_WARNSW set for your task, which would cause a signal to be sent to the task when it switches to secondary mode (e.g.: https://xenomai.org/documentation/trunk/html/api/sigxcpu_8c-example.html )

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Subject: [Xenomai] CPU time limit exceeded (core dumped)

I am using xenomai - . I have configured two task, after some time
of running
I got this message in the terminal
CPU time limit exceeded (core dumped)

in one task for 1ms time I am reading Ethercat frames and other task of 1ms
I am running an application for calculation.

please provide me the solution for this  error

CPU time limit exceeded (core dumped)

Thank you
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