[Xenomai] About rt_task_delete()

dreamtale90 at 163.com dreamtale90 at 163.com
Wed Mar 1 11:04:23 CET 2017

I have a task that like this:
         if(condition == true)
              printf("resume task\n");  //for test
when I call rt_task_delete() to cancel this task in main task, this task will be resumed many times.
And most of time no any output, no response directly.
Now, I guess it is because rt_task_suspend() in my program isn't a deemed safe section of code, so xenomai
need to resume it to run into a deemed safe section of code.

If it is above this kind of situation , what should I do to avoid? If not, why is that?

System configuration:
debian-8.6, 3.18.46-rt50
Xenomai/mercury v3.0.3
Build args: --with-core=mercury --enable-smp --enable-pshared

Thanks in advance, best regards.


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