[Xenomai] ipipe + PREEMPT_RT

Mike Galbraith efault at gmx.de
Sat Mar 18 07:09:32 CET 2017

(oops, sent before subscription confirmation.. wash/rinse/repeat)


Seeing PREEMPT_RT in ipipe source, I got curious, extracted 4.4.43, and
wedged it into 4.4.54-rt, but there are a couple places that replace a
 spinlock_t (not raw) with an ipipe_spinlock_t, which cause build woes
for PREEMPT_RT.  I ifdefed those problematic spots back to spinlock_t
for grins, and surprisingly, my x64_64 desktop box booted, and does a
decent impersonation of a functional box.. which left me wondering
whether there's a preparatory patch for PREEMPT_RT somewhere, or
whether the PREEMPT_RT bits are WIP (or leftovers).


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